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Thinking aloud.

( Pile of orders ready to ship! )

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I realised on the Friday or Saturday of the show, looking around my stall, that oh my god.... I'm the felt food lady.

I'm so much more than a felt food lady! I'm also the rainbow loving lady, and the mini quilt lady, and the bucket bag lady, and the softie lady, and of course the stamp lady, which I think is what upset me the most because I was concentrating so much on getting my felt patterns done that I didn't have time to carve any stamps for sale.

So while I sit here contemplating Brisbane (crazy much?!), I'm trying to think of ways I can steer myself away from being Just A Felt Food Lady.

I'll still be bringing up all my kits and patterns, but I think that will only be one half of my stall next time. Felt food, whilst I love it and intend to actually bring more patterns out later in the year, is not an avenue I want to go down at the expense of everything else.

Fabric packs seemed popular at the show. I want to make patterns for my patchwork scarves, bags, puff purses, and even a boxy zippered pouch pattern - and fabric packs to go with them, especially rainbow packs! Like the $10 packs from Amitie.

I'm even thinking of making some very limited edition hand-stamped fabric FQs. Grand!

And of course... stamps! And if I can squeeze it in, definitely some softies (I want to make more goats and, in the same style, foxes, rabbits, kittens, bears, etc).

So apart from thinking aloud here - hey, a blog is a journey and it looks like you guys are along for the ride whether you like it or not! - I guess I'm looking for a little imput. Yay or nay?

Fabric packs the way to go? Kits and patterns definitely are, but do people need more scarf and bag patterns?

And will it be too weird my stall split into two sorts of disciplines?


Mar. 18th, 2009 11:25 am (UTC)
I agree with the people above, you don't come off as the felt food lady online. I think of you more as a jill-of-all-crafts; there's nothing you can't do! And say a great big "Yay!" to expanding your stock at future fairs.
Speaking of which, don't divide your stall into two, but maybe group stuff by theme, like have felt food with food themed stamps and the patchwork bag & scarf kits with your mini quilts and so on.
Oh and oh my goodness yes, yes, yes to hand stamped fabric! ...that you could maybe also sell online for those of us restricted by geography? ;)
Mar. 18th, 2009 11:52 am (UTC)
I'm very excited about the hand-stamped fabric actually! I'm thinking of going very natural, taking a leaf out of Red Seed Studio's book - organic fabric like hemp or low-impact cotton.

I guess Melbourne really was, for me, a learning experience. For Brisbane's show I can really fine-tune things. I really want to present to everyone more of who I am, besides just felt food!

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