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A very serious warning.

I feel it's my duty to warn you about this store.

A store full of the worst kinds of things imaginable. A store that can and will suck hours away from your life. A store that will fill your head with fantasies and delights. A tricksy, seducing sort of store - the worst kind, I promise.

Please don't cry - it's too late for me. But it's not too late to warn the rest of you!

If you value your bank balance, please keep away while you still can!

*   *   *

( Okay all Sunday Silliness aside... ) I love Ribbons Galore! Even moreso because it's in Aussie dollars. Really America. Really. Why do you have to create such lovely things and then charge US dollars for them? Don't you know that makes me cry?

My favourite section by far is the Fairy Tales and Fables section. But honestly - you probably don't want to click that link because you WILL buy. You will. And it's not your fault, really. Tell your husbands and boyfriends and fellow tutt-tutt-ers that once you look, buying is inevitable. Cause and effect.

I've already succumbed to Little Red Riding Hood's minxish charms...

And from their e-newsletter (darn it! Why did I sign up? Be strong, holly, be strong!) I walked away with a couple of meters of deers'n'mushrooms (a lethal combination).

And the very worst thing?

That final nail in the coffin?

All Fairy Tale and Fable ribbon is 10% off right now!

Don't say I didn't warn you....


Mar. 22nd, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)
Oh man, and they ship internationally and it's so reasonable, it's not much more than shipping in the US. And I was just at the fabric store today lamenting over the ribbon section and contemplating checking online. Thank you for the link!

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